The elements in charge of sustaining the conveyor belt and its load are the idlers or idler stations. It is made of a base structure and one or more rollers in which the belt is sustained. These elements serve a key purpose in the conveyor’s efficiency and endurance, since moving materials continuously depends on them.

Our idlers are designed to work under harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity and pollution.

Because the design of the components and quality of the manufacture process is efficient, we can guarantee that our products will work seamlessly and that they will have a long useful life.

Conveyor belts specialized in transporting parts, materials and bulk products that are at high temperatures, like minerals, powders, chemical fertilizers, ashes, residues and smelting products. Mostly recommended in the cement, steel and metallurgical industry. Its temperature resistance varies from 80 to 200°C permanently, notwithstanding that they resist short temperature waves of up to 500°C. The rubber component used in the belt has been designed to avoid premature wear due to contact with any source of heat.